CCS international s.r.o.


Complex, Maintenance, and Advisory Services

Maintenance Contracts

In terms of cooperation we offer to our customers, options to sign an above standard or standard maintenance contracts, without any difference whether it is within the warranty period or not. The maintenance contract can include regular maintenance and repairs of complete data networks together with all components or it can involve only the administration of a data network or only maintenance and repairs of the hardware part of a network.

Further more, we offer maintenance service without any fixed agreement, for example –

• Computer repairs (including those, delivered from different suppliers) – replacement of ill-motherboard, replacements of other damaged basic computer parts (VGA, HDD, etc.)
• Upgrade of computers while keeping in the existing equipment
• Mounting and installations of extending components of PCs, for example: CD-RW, faxmodem cards, etc.
• Installation and maintenance of operational systems Microsoft
• Creation of web pages
• Eliminating computer viruses, installations of anti-virus SW
• After-warranty repairs of printers and monitors
• Cleaning of computers and printers other regular maintenance
• Technical consultations for LINUX system
• Consultancy and training into the field of “digital world”