CCS international s.r.o.


Services in the field of LAN data nets

During the time of our existence we have implemented several bigger (above 50 connecting positions) and dozens smaller projects in the field of data nets. Recently, there has been a trend, where we realize more complex solutions, primary connecting branches of a customer into so-called virtual private network (VPN), on basis of networks of metropolitan range or Internet. We emphasize the safety of the data with usage of coding and robust proposal. We use components from manufacturers Panduit, Belden, 3M, with active elements manufactured by 3 COM, HP, or in cheaper variety made by Micronet.

Our services in the field of data nets provide:


The beginning consultancy about possible solution through LAN, MAN, WAN, an integration of services etc.
Proposal and elaboration of the solution of data net (net topology, creation of virtual private networks – VPN, connections to Internet, locating of servers, structuralized cabling, active elements)


The supplies of material (passive and active elements) for own realization of data net, on basis of metal cables, optical spinal path, wireless connections.
Reservation and supply of material for installation and wiring of telephone switchboard (Panasonic) and telephone sets.
Installation of routers, servers, their configuration, testing and installation of means for securing of the long-range access for immediate solution of problems.
Diagnostics and scaling of networks in use
Handing over of a functional network to our customer

Maintenance services

In terms of cooperation we offer to our customers the contraction of “above standard” and standard maintenance contracts for the time of warranty and even after a warranty expires. The Maintenance contract can include maintenance and service of complete data net including all components, or it can be limited to administration of data net or even only to maintenance and service of hardware of the net.

Implementation of network system

If there is a requirement for installation of network control system as a part of a project for realization of data net we personally recommend to our customers the LINUX system (we use distribution Debian 3r0), which is for free (you only pay for the installation; same as with the commercial systems), and there are other existing valuable features. The alternatives to this system are platforms from Microsoft.

The technique of implementation is dependant on the customer’s requirements (combination of following variants)
Access server (connection to Internet, VPN)
Post server (e-mail, antispam filter, antivirus security of your e-mails)
Internet/Intranet server (inner/outer web pages, e-business, etc.)
File server