CCS international s.r.o.


Internet Hosting

Our newest offer includes the web page hosting on our CCSI server. It can involve an actual hosting of your web pages, or complex service with key, beginning with analysis, over complete graphic and program processing to the actual hosting. We are able to process almost every web application that you might wish. We also prepare a possibility of running an e-business.


Support of dynamic pages (PHP)
Support of databases (Postgress, MySQL)
Domain of second level www.firma.(cz,com,net,org,biz,info) or the domain of third level
Support of e-mails within the domain either as complete servis (POP3+IMAP,SMTP) or sending to chosen address. It is possible to combine both ways
FTP access
UNIX account (Debian)

We offer this service in two versions…

Hosting Standard:

20MB of Disc space
5 mailboxes
FTP access
Support of PHP Dynamic pages

Hosting Profi:

100MB of Disc space
10 mailboxes
FTP access
Support of PHP Dynamic pages
Support of databases
UNIX account (through SHH protocol)
Possibility of record in CRONu and other advantages of UNIX account