CCS international s.r.o.


Wide spectrum of services to our clientele in the field of computer technology

The company Computer Complete Service Ltd. has been established on May 2nd 1990, as the first private, purely Czech company in the market of computer technology within the Czech Republic. The company is headquartered in the town of České Budějovice. There is also a branch in the Czech capital, Prague. The majority of our business is done for clients in the Czech republic, only a small portion of orders are executed abroad.

Deliveries of our own 'CCS' computers and servers

The CCS Servers are built on the basis of components manufactured by Supermicro or INTEL (motherboards, cases, processors). The CCS computers are built on the motherboards of ASUS company or the cheaper set is equipped with motherboards with AMD CPU. For the other components of our computers and servers we use products of the world-top manufacturers, for example: Seagate, ATI, Samsung, Logitech, and others. We install a great variety of operational systems into our computers, ranging from Microsoft's 7, 8.1, 10 Pro, Home or LINUX.

Deliveries of other computer technology components

Printers, Scanners, notebooks from different manufacturers (Lenovo, HP, etc.), DVD, DVD-RW, Video adapters, Hard discs, Faxmodems, Memories, Monitors, Multifunctional devices, etc.

Installations of data nets

Classical metallic structured cabling, optical spinal conjunctions, active elements, wireless connections. For the installation of those products we use products manufactured by companies as Belden, Panduit, HP and Zyxel. The installations of the routers and servers are done on custom basis. We prefer open standards (Linux) as the server systems. We provide connections of customer’s networks (throughout the Czech Republic) to one transparent, including securing of the data (VPN), plus configuration of required services over those networks (web, mail, terminal, etc.)

Deliveries of HP, Lenovo computers and notebooks

HP and Lenovo are companies with the biggest share of the computers business market. They offer wide range of products, quality, and good price.

Deliveries of Industry PCs (ADLINK Technology)

ADLINK is one of the biggest world manufacturers of components designed for industry systems. The range of its products is very wide and reaches from industry cases, over “backplane”, to highly efficient “Single Board Computers”. Complex, maintenance and advisory services

We offer to our customers

complex services ranging from processing of a concept via usage of new technologies, through their realization, to regular maintenance and customer support. The wide spectrum of services that we offer, guarantees to our customers a reliable operations of networks, servers, or computers, which we have delivered.

Graphic studio

Furthermore, our company offers services of the “CCS Digital Studio”, which includes for example, digitalizing of films, printed texts, paintings, and cine-films; then we can offer printing of digital model on different surfaces, creation of digital photo albs, presentations, lectures, and even a company's catalogues. We also offer deliveries of digital cameras, home computer video rooms for digital and analogue cameras and video recorders. We also provide a proper training for the potential users.

Deliveries of expendable supplies

Painting tapes, toners for laser printers, fillings for ink printers, including recycling. Outsourcing We provide deliveries of computers, servers, notebooks, and mainly administration and maintenance of network systems, virtual private networks also as outsourcing.

Our Key Statements

Our main philosophy is to bring products and services of the highest qualities to our customers and to satisfy their constantly growing needs. We offer such solutions with balancing the ratio of price/efficiency to keep the customers’ investment for the future. We try to build up firm long-term relationships with our customers based on the principle of mutual trust, reliability and quality of delivered goods and provided services. We inform our customers about new products, communication systems, and all other novelties that pop up in the market. We pass through many seminars concerning new technologies and new products in order to constantly advance in our qualification.